Stowers provides answers, industry education for local teachers at seminar

Stowers Machinery was proud to participate in a recent panel for teachers in Knoxville and Kingsport as part of their continuing education hours.img_1081

Taylor Clark, Stowers’ organizational development manager, sat on the business industry panel at both seminars with other local business representatives; there was also a post-secondary education panel consisting of college professors and representatives from the Tennessee Board of Regents. The purpose of the seminars was to allow the panel and teachers to discuss what students need to do to prepare for post-secondary training and education and how that works hand-in-hand with what qualifications businesses desire in potential employees. Clark spoke about Stowers’ ThinkBig program, which trains students to be heavy equipment technicians.

In Knoxville, 15 teachers attended the seminar, and 10 teachers attended the one in Kinsgport.  Most of the attending teachers were agriculture teachers, FFA advisors, and career and technical education teachers that serve the transportation and business cluster.

In addition to sitting on a panel, Taylor Clark also gave the teachers tours of the Stowers’ facilities at both locations.

  • Some of the topics of discussion at the seminars included:
  • Career opportunities in agriculture, food and natural resources available in the region and state.
  • Business representatives discussing the landscape of their specific industry in Tennessee.
  • The stepping stones of a career pathway in terms of training, first jobs and career advancement.
  • What knowledge and skills students need to develop in high school to be successful in post-secondary training and careers.
  • How each industry’s job offerings fit into Governor Bill Haslam’s new mission: the Drive to 55, which is the drive to get 55 percent of Tennesseans equipped with a college degree or certificate by 2025.
  • What industry trends are occurring and how they will impact the preparation of high school students going into post-secondary education or the job field.
  • Advice to educators seeking to build partnerships with professionals in an industry.

EYES ON YOU: Customer news

TonyBoydRetirementTony Boyd, City of Chattanooga’s deputy director of citywide services, retired after more than 40 years of working for the city. Stowers has worked with Tony and the city for a long time, and we congratulate him on his retirement.














CityOfOakRidgeThe City of Oak Ridge drew a crowd on a hot July day to help facilitate the groundbreaking for a new retail center where the old Oak Ridge Mall stands. Stowers lent the city an excavator for the event, which was used to ceremonially knock down a wall of the old mall, which will be demolished.

Why truck preventive maintenance matters

by Tony Roberts, Stowers Truck Service Truck

The goal of a successful preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practice designed to improve the performance of the truck equipment, and improve safety for everyone.

Moreover, the planned maintenance of your truck equipment will help extend your vehicle’s life and avoid unplanned maintenance activity, whether related to the engine or chassis.

A successful preventive maintenance program is dependent on the cooperation of all parties involved, which is why it’s so important to have your maintenance performed by a reliable service provider.

Preventive maintenance is more than just changing oil and filters! Such maintenance should be performed by a qualified technician with the training and understanding to troubleshoot possible issues that could be a problem down the road–or even a possible safety issue that could prevent an accident.

Also, a fleet owner or owner-operator who values successful preventive maintenance will understand the significance of pulling oil and coolant samples and keeping good records. Once several samples are taken and analyzed, you can see how the engine wear pattern is playing out, and a reliable service department will keep your records on hand for you to request at any time. Fluid is also checked for foreign materials that will be analyzed by a qualified technician to determine what area of the engine is starting to fail. This process can save the truck owner thousands of dollars.

Here are other important benefits of a good preventive maintenance program:
• Better conservation of assets and increased life expectancy of the truck engine, chassis and other parts.
• Decreased equipment downtime; pulling samples can help eliminate unexpected failures.
• Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone.