A few more faces In the field

Earlier this year, we increased the number of people we have working in the field in the Chattanooga area. Brad Abstance and Wes Reece are responsible for meeting your needs for the purchase of any type or size of machine.   Brad previously worked for Yancey Brothers in northern Georgia and covers the eastern part of the greater Chattanooga area.         Wes previously had responsibility for compact equipment sales in the area and now covers the western part of the area in and around Chattanooga.         Jim Bivens and Ben Luby are responsible for meeting your needs for rental equipment from Stowers [read more…]

Lamar Alexander visits Stowers Machinery

On June 20, 2014, U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business at a press conference held at Stowers Machinery’s East Knoxville store. In his prepared remarks, Senator Alexander expressed his support for the independent businesses like Stowers Machinery in Tennessee and across the nation that support the nation’s economy and raise the standard of living for the families they employ (watch video). He also expressed his concern about the number of federal regulations that make it difficult for independent businesses to be successful in today’s economic environment. When members of the media asked a question about the increase in the [read more…]

3D paving technology helps contractors be more profitable

Paving contractors in and around eastern Tennessee have used 2D paving technology on their mills and pavers for several years. Some of these contractors are now beginning to realize the value of 3D paving technology. 3D technology incorporates robotic total stations to provide millimeter accuracy on projects like virgin roads, airport repaving, and road reconstruction. The investment in this new infrastructure seems to be worth it, though. According to Blake Pressly from SITECH Mid-South, contractors using 3D technology have been able to save enough in engineering costs during the process of bidding jobs to pay for their system investment in [read more…]