Looking for parts? Stowers offers options

When customers seek out Stowers Machinery for parts, often the best solution ends up being used parts. Our warehouse stocks about 15,000 used parts, which includes both Cat® and other brands. It takes a lot of work to ensure such a wide selection of parts to be on-hand and available to you within a day’s time or less. And if we don’t have the part here, you know we will do our best to find it. There is a three-man crew devoted to doing just that, said Jeff Oman, Stowers Machinery’s used parts manager. “We have a broad level of expertise with many years of experience,” [read more…]

Customer Feature: Floyd Turner keeps his work calendar full at FNT Logging

Floyd Turner has been working in the forestry industry since he was 14 years old, starting in the logging company his father Cleo ran. In 1993, he struck out on his own and started FNT Logging, which was featured in the premier issue of ForestPro magazine. He got started with clearing land, but has since expanded capabilities. Now, his company employs 23 people and has 10 logging trucks, and the main business consists of cutting timber for pulp as well as cutting lumber. He clears land for pasture, but also selectively thins out forests, cutting out the weak trees. He [read more…]

Ensure your workers’ safety with proper aerial safety training

Utilizing scissor lifts and boom lifts may be vital to your organization’s success, but safety while using aerial equipment should be in the foremost of any operator or employer’s mind. “Aerial platforms are very dangerous and very unforgiving. You can get hurt on them or hurt somebody else if you don’t know what you’re doing,” said Jim Bivens, a certified aerial work platform trainer at Stowers Rents. The best way to ensure that workers know what they’re doing when they get on an aerial platform is to provide them with adequate safety training. Safety training should be exhaustive, including information about falls, hazards, unsafe conditions, correct operation of lifts and more. The [read more…]