Stowers Machinery improves hydraulic hose service

Caterpillar builds increasingly powerful machines, equipped with increasingly sophisticated hydraulic systems. More than ever, proper maintenance of your machine’s hydraulic system is paramount, and Stowers Machinery is committed to helping you keep your machine running properly. This month, Stowers completed a series of equipment upgrades that allow all its stores to assemble any hose for any Cat® machine at the store. “Caterpillar prints the assembly part number on a metal band on factory-installed hoses,” said Harry Breaux, Stowers’ general parts manager. “This number allows us to retrieve all the needed information to immediately begin building a duplicate. If you phone [read more…]

Stowers now an Authorized Service Provider for Toshiba® UPS

In March, Stowers Power Systems announced that it has been named a distributor for Toshiba Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS). Stowers has now completed service training for Toshiba’s 4200/4300/4400 and G9000 series UPS and is now an Authorized Service Provider for Toshiba UPS. Stowers Power Systems is the only Toshiba UPS distributor in East Tennessee that is also authorized as a service provider, so Stowers can now provide factory warranty service and extended warranty service as needed, adding value for organizations that prefer to source products and support from the same organization. To learn more about Toshiba UPS, battery maintenance or [read more…]

No time for a victory lap on highway funding

Just before the May 31 deadline, Congress approved another short-term continuing resolution to prop up the beleaguered Highway Trust Fund for another sixty days. This was just another band-aid in a long string of short-term continuing resolutions that Congress has passed to keep federal transportation funding from coming to a halt. Congress hasn’t passed a long-term federal transportation funding bill since 2005, resulting in ongoing chaos throughout the country for those responsible for building and maintaining our nation’s critical transportation network. State highway departments have no way of knowing future levels of funding without a multi-year federal transportation bill. The [read more…]