No time for a victory lap on highway funding

Just before the May 31 deadline, Congress approved another short-term continuing resolution to prop up the beleaguered Highway Trust Fund for another sixty days. This was just another band-aid in a long string of short-term continuing resolutions that Congress has passed to keep federal transportation funding from coming to a halt. Congress hasn’t passed a long-term federal transportation funding bill since 2005, resulting in ongoing chaos throughout the country for those responsible for building and maintaining our nation’s critical transportation network. State highway departments have no way of knowing future levels of funding without a multi-year federal transportation bill. The [read more…]

Lamar Alexander visits Stowers Machinery

On June 20, 2014, U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business at a press conference held at Stowers Machinery’s East Knoxville store. In his prepared remarks, Senator Alexander expressed his support for the independent businesses like Stowers Machinery in Tennessee and across the nation that support the nation’s economy and raise the standard of living for the families they employ (watch video). He also expressed his concern about the number of federal regulations that make it difficult for independent businesses to be successful in today’s economic environment. When members of the media asked a question about the increase in the [read more…]