Customer Feature: Robbie Toole grows his Knoxville business, Volunteer Erosion Control

Robbie Toole is passionate about his business, Volunteer Erosion Control, which was featured in the Fall 2015 issue of On the Job magazine. Toole and his crew come in after a construction job to restore removed vegetation and fix any other erosion and sediment issues that may have been caused by construction. Keeping sediment out of waterways helps sustain life in those waterways, and also keeps nutrients in topsoil. When erosion occurs, farmers have to add nutrients to their soil, and the government has to dredge sediment from water ways. “It’s a huge cost to the public,” Toole said. To learn more about how Toole’s business operates, [read more…]

Customer Feature: Floyd Turner keeps his work calendar full at FNT Logging

Floyd Turner has been working in the forestry industry since he was 14 years old, starting in the logging company his father Cleo ran. In 1993, he struck out on his own and started FNT Logging, which was featured in the premier issue of ForestPro magazine. He got started with clearing land, but has since expanded capabilities. Now, his company employs 23 people and has 10 logging trucks, and the main business consists of cutting timber for pulp as well as cutting lumber. He clears land for pasture, but also selectively thins out forests, cutting out the weak trees. He [read more…]