Why truck preventive maintenance matters

by Tony Roberts, Stowers Truck Service  The goal of a successful preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practice designed to improve the performance of the truck equipment, and improve safety for everyone. Moreover, the planned maintenance of your truck equipment will help extend your vehicle’s life and avoid unplanned maintenance activity, whether related to the engine or chassis. A successful preventive maintenance program is dependent on the cooperation of all parties involved, which is why it’s so important to have your maintenance performed by a reliable service provider. Preventive maintenance is more than just changing oil and filters! Such maintenance should be performed by a qualified [read more…]

Stowers Machinery improves hydraulic hose service

Caterpillar builds increasingly powerful machines, equipped with increasingly sophisticated hydraulic systems. More than ever, proper maintenance of your machine’s hydraulic system is paramount, and Stowers Machinery is committed to helping you keep your machine running properly. This month, Stowers completed a series of equipment upgrades that allow all its stores to assemble any hose for any Cat® machine at the store. “Caterpillar prints the assembly part number on a metal band on factory-installed hoses,” said Harry Breaux, Stowers’ general parts manager. “This number allows us to retrieve all the needed information to immediately begin building a duplicate. If you phone [read more…]

Looking for parts? Stowers offers options

When customers seek out Stowers Machinery for parts, often the best solution ends up being used parts. Our warehouse stocks about 15,000 used parts, which includes both Cat® and other brands. It takes a lot of work to ensure such a wide selection of parts to be on-hand and available to you within a day’s time or less. And if we don’t have the part here, you know we will do our best to find it. There is a three-man crew devoted to doing just that, said Jeff Oman, Stowers Machinery’s used parts manager. “We have a broad level of expertise with many years of experience,” [read more…]