Looking toward our future

Lisa Stowers Rottmann
Lisa Stowers Rottmann

The past decade has been one of the most volatile periods the heavy equipment industry has ever faced. The boom in 2007, followed by the drastic decline in 2009 – both compounded by an exponential rate of technological innovation – have dramatically altered the industry. Rising from the debris of our last recession are customers who are stronger, more efficient, and demanding new ways to solve their problems. Stowers Machinery has emerged with more agility and fortitude, while maintaining our commitment to our customers. In the last ten years, Stowers Machinery has invested heavily in customer solutions through an enhanced focus on technology, increased velocity, and an expansion of product and service offerings in the industries we serve.

Technologically, we are heavily invested in equipping our customers with cutting edge advancements in the areas of machine control and guidance and more powerful and efficient machines. Our partnership with SITECH Mid-South positions us to be on the forefront of jobsite productivity through modeling and GPS-driven technology, making our customers’ jobs more accurate and productive than ever before. And Caterpillar’s continued investment in research and development, coupled with its excellence in manufacturing, allows us to offer the most durable, state-of-the-art equipment on the market.

As the rate of innovation increases, expectations surrounding speed of response and resolution also grow. Take Amazon’s influence on Walmart and Target’s customer expectations regarding ease of purchase, speed, and versatility. The heavy equipment industry is not immune to these changes, and Stowers Machinery is constantly developing ways to reach our customers more quickly, have better access to information, and execute faster. With our equipment management solutions, we are equipped to monitor and diagnose the health of a single machine or a fleet of equipment on a proactive basis. This technology has the potential to save our customers significant costs by identifying machine issues before they cause damage, monitoring machine maintenance requirements, maximizing machine efficiency, and optimizing fleet performance.

Since the 1960s, Caterpillar’s product offering and our investment in allied equipment has greatly expanded, allowing us to offer a much wider product line and enter additional market segments. For example, Caterpillar’s 2011 acquisition of Bucyrus expanded our mining presence from traditional above-ground equipment to a full underground and above-ground offering.

CCE MachineOur entry into the full-service rental market in 1997 has allowed us to work with a wider variety of customers and serve existing customers in entirely new ways. Caterpillar’s expansion into smaller equipment – such as skid steer loaders and mini excavators – has answered the demand from our customers for more versatile and compact machines.

We have also found ways to complement our Cat product line with equipment from other manufacturers, such as Weiler transfer vehicles, aerial work platforms, GOMACO concrete pavers, Screen Machine crushing plants, Bandit chippers, FINN landscaping equipment, BBA pumps, Toshiba UPS, and many more. We will continue to follow industry trends and commit to our customers by offering and supporting the products they need to be successful.

Stowers Machinery’s strength is built on a 55-year legacy of prioritizing our commitment to our people and our customers, a culture built on ethics and a refusal to become complacent. Regardless of market environment changes and disruptions to our current business model, we cannot afford to lose the values and legacy that have defined us since 1960. We are proud of our East Tennessee heritage and feel privileged to serve this community. We look forward to the next 55 years!