New instant access at PartStore makes online ordering easy

Ordering Cat parts from Stowers Machinery is now easier for customers with instant access at PartStore. Previously, you had to wait for approval to buy a product if you didn’t have an open credit account with Stowers. Now, orders can be placed instantly without a credit account.

“When you register, boom, you’re set up. You already have parts book access and you can order parts online via credit card,” said Harry Breaux, General Parts Manager at Stowers Machinery. “It’s very intuitive and easy to use.”

You can shop by going to and clicking on “Enter PartStore” to peruse thousands of products. Besides shopping, the PartStore offers other tools, including:

  • Preferences – View and maintain your personal PartStore preferences and default settings.
  • PartStore Activity – View, download and re-order your historical part orders records.
  • Core Tracking – View and download your outstanding Reman core information.
  • Frequent Order Lists – View, maintain and re-use your personal frequently ordered parts lists.
  • Get a Quote – Create a new parts quote and keep track of pending open quotes.
  • – Your on-line resource for safety materials and training.