Stowers Machinery improves hydraulic hose service

Caterpillar builds increasingly powerful machines, equipped with increasingly sophisticated hydraulic systems.

More than ever, proper maintenance of your machine’s hydraulic system is paramount, and Stowers Machinery is committed to helping you keep your machine running properly. This month, Stowers completed a series of equipment upgrades that allow all its stores to assemble any hose for any Cat® machine at the store.

“Caterpillar prints the assembly part number on a metal band on factory-installed hoses,” said Harry Breaux, Stowers’ general parts manager. “This number allows us to retrieve all the needed information to immediately begin building a duplicate. If you phone us with this number – or order it online via PartStore – we usually can have a replacement ready by the time you arrive to pick it up.”

All of Stowers’ hydraulic hose specialists are factory trained and committed to quality. Besides using superior Cat hose products, our hydraulic hose specialists use foam projectiles to pneumatically remove contaminant particles that can damage other system components, carefully measure coupling crimp diameters to make sure they’re within factory specifications, and cap the ends of completed hose assemblies to help prevent contaminant entry up to the point of installation

Stowers’ hose specialists can also fabricate a variety of hydraulic hoses for general applications or for products not manufactured by Caterpillar. To learn more about hydraulic hose service at Stowers Machinery, contact your Stowers product support sales representative or parts counter sales representative today.