How to Make Telematics Work for You

A lot of people think of telematics as just a way to find your machine and know how many hours are on it. Duane Gabehart, Stowers’ EMSolutions manager, said telematics can provide much more than that basic capability to customers, such as being able to track fuel usage, schedule maintenance and streamline site management for more efficiency. “This technology really allows the user to truly become a fleet manager, and that’s what it all boils down to with these logistics,” Gabehart said. “It’s about managing the number of assets and the types of assets you have for a job and knowing how many machine hours [read more…]

Manage Your Machines With EMSolutions

Stowers Machinery continues to enhance its EMSolutions capabilities to help you manage your machines. “We collect data so we can eventually forecast repair options for customers, reducing downtime and managing maintenance time better. We want to predict failures before they happen, so we can fix those before they turn into more catastrophic problems,” said Duane Gabehart, Stowers’ EMSolutions manager. Gabehart breaks EMSolutions down into the five different data sources that Stowers uses to determine a machine’s service needs: • Electronic Data: “This basically consists of all the information that we receive from the VisionLink website, including machine hours, machine location, machine run- time and idle-time, fault codes and alerts,” [read more…]