Stowers Machinery improves hydraulic hose service

Caterpillar builds increasingly powerful machines, equipped with increasingly sophisticated hydraulic systems. More than ever, proper maintenance of your machine’s hydraulic system is paramount, and Stowers Machinery is committed to helping you keep your machine running properly. This month, Stowers completed a series of equipment upgrades that allow all its stores to assemble any hose for any Cat® machine at the store. “Caterpillar prints the assembly part number on a metal band on factory-installed hoses,” said Harry Breaux, Stowers’ general parts manager. “This number allows us to retrieve all the needed information to immediately begin building a duplicate. If you phone [read more…]

Give your machine components new life

You may already know that Stowers Machinery offers a wide range of services in its full-service machine shop, including hydraulic cylinder re-rodding and re-tubing, surface milling, counter-boring, main line and lower line boring, block cylinder honing, general milling, and lathe machining. Our machine tooling includes the Kalamazoo KMT KS600 Horizontal Band/Mitering Machine, the Fryer HB-70 CNC Horizontal Boring Machine, the DMTG CD5116 Manual Vertical Lathe, the Kent 4VKF Vertical Turret Milling Machine, and the Kent HR 35120 Manual Engine Lathe, among others. To learn more about how Stowers’ full-service machine shop can give your machine components new life, contact Roger Mowery, Custom Products Manager, in our East Knoxville store.