GOMACO introduces 3300 multi-application slipform paver

Stowers Machinery Corporation provides high-quality concrete pavers to East Tennessee as the region’s GOMACO dealer, and we are excited to announce the introduction of a new machine to GOMACO’s product line. GOMACO will introduce the new 3300 multi-application slipform paver in April 2016. The 3300 features extreme steering capabilities with smart leg and track positioning, and a smart telescoping mold mounting system for paving from the right side or left side of the paver. The original GT-3300 has been re-engineered with the latest in technology with the G+® control system. GOMACO’s 3300 was specifically designed for right side and left side pour capabilities. [read more…]

3D paving technology helps contractors be more profitable

Paving contractors in and around eastern Tennessee have used 2D paving technology on their mills and pavers for several years. Some of these contractors are now beginning to realize the value of 3D paving technology. 3D technology incorporates robotic total stations to provide millimeter accuracy on projects like virgin roads, airport repaving, and road reconstruction. The investment in this new infrastructure seems to be worth it, though. According to Blake Pressly from SITECH Mid-South, contractors using 3D technology have been able to save enough in engineering costs during the process of bidding jobs to pay for their system investment in [read more…]