Freddy Bersaglia reflects on 45 years

When an especially old piece of Cat® equipment comes into the Stowers Machinery shop, one man in particular is often called on to help. Freddy Bersaglia, celebrating 45 years with Stowers this year, relishes the times his expertise is needed. “We still get old equipment and I get calls every now and then, like how to set the racks,” Bersaglia said. “I like calls like that.” His wealth of knowledge grew over the years, starting in 1970 with his first position at Stowers working on used equipment. Bersaglia had been working at an auto body shop in Kentucky, where he’s from, when [read more…]

A few more faces In the field

Earlier this year, we increased the number of people we have working in the field in the Chattanooga area. Brad Abstance and Wes Reece are responsible for meeting your needs for the purchase of any type or size of machine.   Brad previously worked for Yancey Brothers in northern Georgia and covers the eastern part of the greater Chattanooga area.         Wes previously had responsibility for compact equipment sales in the area and now covers the western part of the area in and around Chattanooga.         Jim Bivens and Ben Luby are responsible for meeting your needs for rental equipment from Stowers [read more…]

Customer training In Saudi Arabia

David Fields (Sales Department, East Knoxville) recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to complete the delivery of three new machines with modifications that were designed and built by Stowers Machinery. David’s trip lasted eight days, including a full day of travel time in each direction. During his time in Saudi Arabia, David trained the operators from Alcoa/MA’Aden (which leases the machines) and then worked with mechanics from Al-Shuwayer Son Co. (who provide the maintenance for the machines). David said the group he worked with was like a melting pot of nationalities, including American, British, African, Saudi, and Indian citizens, just to name a few. Adds a [read more…]